Ice Age baby skyrockets in polls after performance in first presidential debate

The baby from Ice Age is now polling at 45% in the United States presidential race, according the latest Rutabaga polls. This meteoric rise in popularity comes after his digs at former Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald J. Trump in the September 29 debate.

“Gahhhh,” he said, when asked a question about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Throughout the debate, he used a tactic of having the linguistic ability of a one-year-old, poking fun at both of his opponents’ ages.

“Ice age baby’s debate strategy is revolutionary,” said CNN political analyst Hubert plant emoji. “It’s a real breath of fresh air.” Vladimir Putin often admits to having used that method in his debates.

The baby is the most mainstream Libertarian candidate this country has ever seen. He believes that government should be limited to three mammoths and that climate change can only be solved if the entire world economy reverts to producing one product alone: ice. His slogan: “Bring Back the Ice Age.”

The baby has refused to turn over his tax returns and his birth certificate, which could potentially prove disastrous for his candidacy in the long run. When prompted to answer a question about it, his campaign neglected to comment.

“The man has a plan. He’s young and vigorous,” an anonymous Ice Age baby voter said. “There’s no candidate I’d rather support this year.”

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