Freshman accidentally loses toe during Zoom class

Last Monday, ninth grade student Little Fletcher had to be rushed to the hospital after an accident involving him and his nail clippers. The accident occured during his honors Biology Zoom class while his teacher was giving a lecture on the perils of photosynthesis.

It was like any other Monday morning for Little Fletcher. He woke up, showered, got dressed and went downstairs to eat his waffles. His first Zoom class was Honors Biology at 9:00 am so he prepared for it the manner he usually does. He grabs his rustiest nail clippers from his closet and waits for class to start. 

For whatever reason, Little Fletcher likes to trim his toenails during his Zoom class with the camera on. Unfortunately, the lesson regarding photosynthesis captivated Little Fletcher a little too much. With his rusty nail clippers, he accidentally clipped off his big toe causing him to yelp. Even with Little Fletcher on mute, the entire class still heard him yell probably because the soundwaves from his yell overrode the mute function on Zoom. 

They rushed him to the hospital where the surgeons tried to sew his toe back on. It did not work as the rust from the clippers had given him an infection that has spread to his entire body. 

“Little Fletcher is a fool for trying to cut his toe nail during my lecture,” Ms. Frizzle said.

After the incident, principal Duckgoose sent out a memo to students and parents informing them of the accident and possible preventive measures that could have been taken. 

“You hate to see him go down like that,” Duckgoose said. “We’re all just praying that Little Fletcher will be back in no time.”

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