Political Figures as Drake Songs

Ever wondered what Drake song your favorite political figure would be? Here are some of our favorites.

Tucker Carlson- Worst Behavior

Fans have speculated that Drake’s opening line in this 2013 hit “Mothaf*ckas never loved us” is actually a reference to how Tucker Carlson’s parents never loved him as a child.

Bernie Sanders- Nonstop

Bernie is known for his resilience and persistence, he could easily be described as nonstop. Additionally, Bernie is known to be best friends with Hip Hop producer Tay Kieth, who produced this 2018 Drake classic.

Donald Trump- One Dance

Although he tried to get a second dance, he failed.

Kamala Harris- Jumpman

The biggest story of this election was Kamala Harris wearing sneakers, which were described as a “massive hit” by America’s most reputable news source: Buzzfeed. You know what else was a massive hit? Drake’s and Future’s 2015 song about sneakers titled ‘Jumpman.’ Look at that! Kamala will now be the first female vice president to airstrike the middle east in style #girlboss

Alex Jones- Bitch is Crazy

One of Drake’s lesser known tracks, “Bitch is crazy” tells a story about a crazy bitch. Personally, I don’t know if there’s ever been a crazier bitch than Alex Jones.

Matt Gaetz – Child’s Play

What a crazy coincidence! Yet another Republican pedophile! Who would have thought!

Joe Biden- Fake Love

Who the hell even voted for this guy? Regardless, Joe Biden has been under fire in the media recently due to his inability to come through on many of his campaign promises. All the “fake love” that he received during the presidential election seems to have evaporated. Like Drake said in his 2016 song: “Joe Biden not actually a progressive candiate (what?) he gonna go back on all his promises (yeah!) Fake love yeah baby fake love.”

Mingus Mapps- Portland

A man that truly needs no introduction. Recently elected to the fourth position for Portland’s City Council, the legend of Mingus Mapps continues to grow.

Rush Limbaugh- Over my dead body

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