Top 10 things to do once we get out of quarantine

BY Twin #2

So we all know that quarantine has been boring. I get it: we can’t go outside, see our friends, see our beloved teachers, go anywhere really — besides our own backyard to suntan or do a Chloe Ting challenge. Well folks, here’s a list of 10 things that I believe we should do after quarantine.

  1. Only if you’re older than 18, go meet up with your Tinder match. I’m just saying; I know you made one during this quarantine.
  2. Lick everything at Dave and Busters. Coronavirus is dead. Why not?
  3. Go build a fort out of toilet paper now that your mom has bought 15 packs of 16 rolls because she thought this was an apocalypse instead of just a quarantine.
  4. Go back to our daily lives of staying indoors on our phones but not complaining about it
  5. Have a prom or graduation. Please Jesus Christ. I beg you MCPS.
  6. Burn a candle to represent each time you’ve done a workout video and died a little inside.
  7. Make a “goodbye Zoom” party. Zoom can now go die.
  8. Burn your the parking passes we fought for for second semester but never got to use — like a satanic ritual with all your senior friends.
  9. Write a book on this global pandemic and make a New York Times #1 Best Seller
  10. Stop working out to Chloe Ting workout challenges because there’s no point anymore. #summerbod? More like #QuarantineBodThat’sNowUselessBecauseICan’tEvenGoToTheBeachThisSummerBecauseMyMomKarenThinksThatTheVirusLivesInTheSea
  11. Make a RIP CoronaVirus stone thing at the graveyards. Oh, they’re called headstones. That took me too many Google searches and now MCPS is gonna be concerned with how many times I’ve searched up funerals and hosting one.
  12. Walk inside the Whitman building and just sit in the middle of the hallway. Take it all in.

Well kids, apparently I don’t know how to count and that totalled to be 12 recommendations instead of 10. I was thinking about cutting two, but I really just don’t care enough. I hope your quarantine was just as boring as mine, because I had an awful time and I like to share my pain with others. Thank you and goodnight. 

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