Top 5 Factors When Picking a College

  1. Paper quality of acceptance letter.

After getting accepted into a college, an acceptance letter arrives at your house. Reading the letter is unnecessary. Instead, feel the paper because the quality of this paper is an exact measure of how much a school actually wants you. So, receiving a letter that was printed on some flimsy paper is pretty much the school telling you they don’t want you.

  1. How good would it look in your instagram bio.

Putting your college decision in your instagram bio is an integral part of the college process. So when deciding on a college, ask yourself how visually appealing it would look in your bio. If it doesn’t look nice, that probably isn’t the right school for you.

  1. Distance from nearest Golden Corral.

Having a Golden Corral close by is crucial to a proper college experience. It doesn’t need to be Golden Corral as long as you don’t mind not having the freshest of ingredients. 

  1. Is the selection of merch good enough?

Before making your final decision, check out the college’s merchandise. Ask your friends if they would wear this sweatshirt or do these sweatpants look hideous. These are the questions we need to be asking. Not, is this an all girls school?

  1. Is it a good fit?

This factor is mostly irrelevant. You’re going to spend most of your time at Golden Corral and everyone fits in there. 

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