Change leap year day to 9/11

If I had to rank my least favorite days of the year, 9/11 would definitely be first. What a terrible name for a day of the year, it kinda reminds me of that national tragedy a few years back. Why not limit its awfulness to once every four years? Here are three good reasons in defense of my argument.

Reason 1: No one wants to celebrate their birthday on 9/11. In a leap year scenario, about one-fourth of people born on any given day of the year will be born on 9/11. Additionally, those already condemned to this birthday will be spared from celebrating three out of four birthdays.

Reason 2: The odds of another 9/11 attack decrease significantly.

Reason 3: For 1095 consecutive days, there will be no more six hour documentaries in the way of CBS’s afternoon reruns of The Price is Right.

In conclusion 9/11 is the biggest debbie downer of a day ever.

This story was inspired by Norm Macdonald. R.I.P. to a comedy legend.

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