Community question: Is anyone else getting weird emails from a lady named “Anne Hutchens”?

To preface, I’m currently a senior at Whitman who prides myself on my academic success, outstanding mental health and large social circle. Recently, however, my school email has been flooded by some random lady named “Anne Hutchens,” who’s really been screwing things up for me.

Does anyone know this lady? Am I getting scammed?

I’ve never emailed her in my life so I’m really confused as to what prompted her to suddenly start spamming my inbox — if anyone knows how to get her to stop, please let me know. I’ve tried everything from blocking her to responding “STOP EMAILING ME I DON’T KNOW YOU!” but nothing worked.

Her emails are always so random — I always get emails about things like “FERPA.” First of all, it’s “Furda,” and second, I’m already very Furda so why are you emailing me about it?

These emails are especially annoying as I am currently going through the college application process, and having my email full of “Anne Hutchens” certainly isn’t helping me. Coincidentally, the emails slowed down right as I submitted my early applications so maybe she is trying to sabotage me.

Please contact me if you know how to stop this.  

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