Dr.Dodd found principaling other school

The Rutabaga has recently obtained shocking evidence of Dr. Dodd principaling with a different High School. Suspicion arose regarding Dr. Dodds extraprincipal activity after students noticed that neither Doddy nor his infamous Land Cruiser had been seen anywhere on campus for over a month.

In a sting operation, The Rutabaga went undercover at Winston Churchill High School and obtained a shocking video of Dr.Dodd telling people “have a great day of learning” and other similar lewd behavior. He wore a fake mustache and glasses as a disguise, but Rutabaga investigators saw past this when they noticed him giving high fives to all the white students while enthusiastically dapping up any black person in sight.

Many questions remain unanswered. How long has this been going on? How could you do this? What do they have that we don’t, no murderers? Does she have bigger boobs than me? The Rutabaga will cover this unfolding story as we wait for a statement from Dr. Dodd.

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