whitmanbarstool: the new face of feminism?

The Instagram account whitmanbarstool has done what all other Whitman affiliated pages are too scared to do, redefined feminism. 

They have taken it upon themselves to be the allies and feminist icons the school and girls sports teams deserve, by leaving the girls to advertise and cheer on themselves!

It is rather misogynistic of these male-run pages to believe that they need to advertise for the girl’s games or show up to them at all, the girls can handle winning without any support.

Congratulate the girl’s basketball team for having a bye in the first round of playoffs or being ranked number 19 in the state? No. Show up to more than one girls’ game the entire season? No. You fool. So sexist. But turn into a Whitmanhoops fan page and arrive to the game an hour early to cheer on the team as they walk in? Yes. So progressive. 

The Whitmanbarstool page recognizes the only way we can truly reach equality is to leave the girls to fend for themselves and give the boys unparalleled support. It sends the message that girls are strong powerful queens and not sissys like the boys who need “fans” to “cheer” them on and actually get “fans” “hype” for the game. That is why out of the 27 posts on the whitmanbarstool account, only 2 are about girls basketball.

Thank you whitmanbarstool. You can go ahead and retire AOC because there are new feminists in town. 

And, just to save the whitmanbarstool page time, the first boy’s lacrosse game will be home against Einstein at 5:00 pm on March 23. And the first boy’s baseball game will be home against Wheaton at 7:00 pm on March 21. Sleep doesn’t win championships. 

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