Senior boys who hang out with underclassmen girls: “We’re educating the next generation”

The Rutabaga is best at noticing new trends and the upcoming fall season is a great example of the rise of such trends. Writers have searched Whitman’s halls for the newest hot thing and we’re here to make it official: senior boys love helping out female underclassmen.

“It’s a really difficult time for them and we just want to be there to support them in every way imaginable,” one senior said. “Like, if a sophomore girl needs a ride home from school, she shouldn’t have to take the bus.”

It’s inspiring to see so many young men contribute their time both in and out of the classroom to help grow the minds of Whitman’s freshest pupils. Everyone should take a lesson from the senior boys and talk to underclassmen about climate change or how they “would have played this season if they didn’t get injured over the summer”.

“We just want to have their backs,” one senior said. “And their Snapchats.”

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