Alumni: Stop visiting your old high school

The holiday season brings many beautiful things: colorful lights, delicious treats, and family reunions. One thing many forget about until a 19 or 20-year-old comes into your high school classroom is how many alumni visit during the holidays.

It’s never the people who have been gone for more than one or two semesters either. It’s usually a student who has just finished the first or second semester of their prestigious college, walking back into the halls of their high school, probably saying something like: “It looks the same as I left it.”

What do alumni visits serve anyway? We don’t learn anything from them. In fact, you’re interrupting our classes when you come in. This isn’t a movie where you go and hug your teacher and tell them how much your life has changed in the past 5 months. Your teachers definitely forgot your name – and if they remembered it, it wasn’t for a good reason.

So, alumni: just stop visiting. If you have so much “high school pride” then just accept the fact that you peaked at a young age.

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