Aww, not you too! “Chester Cheetah” of Frito-Lay makes antisemitic comments

In some disappointing news, The Rutabaga has found that “Chester Cheetah,” best known for his appearances in Frito-Lay commercials and chip branding, has made several antisemitic comments in the past week.

While The Rutabaga has not confirmed a specific comment that Mr. Cheetah has made, we know that he tied a lot of the success of opposing chip companies to “Jewish-looking mascots.”

After asking Frito-Lay what consequences Mr. Cheetah will receive after his comments, the verdict is unclear.

“Chester Cheetah will be attending several roundtable discussions about why Jews make more money than non-Jews,” read a statement from the company. Wait, that’s not what we meant! Wait! Stop!

This story was written by a Jewish student.

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