5 reasons why you shouldn’t claim to live in DC if you don’t live in DC

One thing all students in the Whitman area love doing in their free time is saying that they’re from “DC,” especially putting the two letters in their Instagram bio to be proud of their DC heritage. But that’s the catch: they’re not actually from DC, but just like to claim they are so they can maintain relevancy when meeting people outside of Maryland. So, as you venture into the “real world,” here are 5 reasons to avoid these lies.

  1. Unfortunately, Bethesda and Potomac are not in DC 🙁
  2. The closest you’ve been to living in DC has been going to brunch in Georgetown
  3. Just because your parents work in fancy DC offices doesn’t mean you live there
  4. If you have to cross a state line to get to DC, that means you don’t live there
  5. If your license plate says “Maryland,” that means you live there

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