I disguised as AI so men would finally respect me

As a woman, it’s hard to be surrounded by men — especially in academic environments — where you’re constantly underrepresented and looked over as a serious member of the conversation.

But, I didn’t really care about all the systemic sexism stuff. I wanted a quick-fix for me and me only, where I could rise to authority and gain some well-deserved respect.

After days of researching what men cared about the most and gave the most attention to, all my headlines were about AI. AI is taking over businesses. Rich people are relying on AI to make money. AI is the most intelligent thing in the world. So, the only solution to my problem of not being taken seriously by the men around me was to become the thing that they all were fixated on: AI.

It was not easy to disguise as AI. I had to quite literally start my own AI “chat-box,” like ChatGPT but instead of them talking to a computer, they were just talking to me. This took a lot of money, some software engineering classes and a lot of time. But, creating a life changing software isn’t as hard as it may seem.

So, now, with my AI secret identity, I’m similar to Gloria Steinham disguising as a playboy bunny. I’m helping bridge gaps between cisgender men and marginalized genders — I guess you could call me a feminist superhero.

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