Incel to Ally: My journey discovering sexism

Hello all, your neighborhood discord mod, Himothy69 here. I have made a shocking discovery recently, and find it imperative to spread awareness. 

As I was scrolling through reddit, I clicked on a subreddit titled “sexism,” my eyes immediately drawn to the prefix “sex,” expecting to see something sexy. However, what I discovered was not as arousing. Instead, phrases and words I had never heard before, such as “wage gap”, “pink tax,” “misogyny,” “mansplaining,” and “menstrual” flooded my screen. I was intrigued. After doing some research (sources: reddit, discord, wikihow), I was shocked. My first thought: Why has nobody talked about sexism before? My second thought: I cannot ignore this. And that brings me to now. I am here to advocate, lead, and wage the war on sexism. But first, I must educate you. Sexism is when men get advantages over females. 

For example: the wage gap. I was shocked to discover that women only make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Now I know you may be thinking: “well 23 cents isn’t that much.” Well actually it is. For all my females reading this, do not worry; I do not expect the average female to understand how economics work. So I will explain why these 23 cents actually do make a difference. If you consider all the money in a year, 23 cents times that much, is a big loss. If you would like to know more about the wage gap, I suggest you visit the subreddit “wage gap”. 

Another example of sexism is menstruation. Menstruation is when the female body expels blood, once a month. Why should women have to bleed, while men don’t? I have been doing scientific research on how to end this but it seems as if no one has even thought about how to end periods yet. I am currently working on a cure for menstruation. I am disappointed in society. Once again, I am compelled to take matters into my own hands, since no one else seems to care about sexism. 

This next topic is not as severe, but still important: mansplaining. Mansplaining is when a man simplifies/explains something to a woman. From a male’s perspective, you may just be wanting to help. However, women don’t like it, so if they ask a question, refrain from giving an answer, and instead encourage them to be independent and figure it out themselves. While this seems like a small change in behavior, believe me, the impact will be immense, and the females will be grateful.

Female athletes also face sexism, such as the WNBA. While it is not my (a male) fault that women are not as athletic, strong, talented, and entertaining, and therefore do not earn the same amount of money as NBA players, I want to help. Some might say that watching and supporting the WNBA would help end the discrepancy between the NBA, but personally I would NEVER watch the WNBA. It just doesn’t bring me joy. And forcing people to watch the WNBA would be against the constitution. If I could make all women as strong and talented as men, believe me, I would. But that is a bit of a reach. Instead, I suggest that instead of having women attempt things that men are good at, we make them their own sports that are catered to their skill set as women. I personally would LOVE to watch women competing against each other in dance, cooking, cleaning, etc. 

Now you may be wondering, what can I do? Here is a list of things that are guaranteed to end sexism. 

  • Give 23 cents to every women you see (to eliminate the wage gap)
  • Boycott pink products (to end the pink tax)
  • Give women female menstrual products (cuz they bleed)
  • Don’t call women “bitches” (they don’t like it)

Let us work together and end sexism once and for all.

If you have any questions chat me on discord @himothy69

You’re welcome.

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