Whitman Community Reflects on “Lifechanging” Dome Experiences

Whitman teacher Benjamin Dover (’69) shared explicit insider details with The Rutabaga about Whitman’s legendary Dome, a hallmark of the Whitman community since the early sixties.

As a student, Dover had an absolutely incredible time with the unforgettable Dome.

“I was levitating in ecstasy,” Dover said. “[the] Dome provided satisfaction like no other.”

Dome also made classes like Physical Education more intimate and exciting, said another Whitman alum, Constance “Connie” Lingus.

“Getting Dome time made boring PE classes worth it,” Lingus said. “It took a long time to clean up after the Dome, but it was the most engaging form of exercise.”

A former Whitman gym teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, also felt a cosmic connection with the shapely Dome.

“Dome was a great way to connect with students,” the teacher said. “It just allowed everyone to come together.”

Dover says that even though current students might never experience Whitman’s Dome, it remains a shining memory for Whitman alums.

“The grandeur of Whitman’s Dome was toe-curling; it was transformative,” he said. “You can’t say you’ve experienced Whitman without experiencing [the] Dome.”

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