Whitman Alumni blindsided by military experience after misinterpreting what it meant to “serve”

Whitman alumni Matthieu Morales broke his silence via Instagram late last night regarding the truth about his Marine Corp experience. 

Matthieu was persuaded to join the military after attending the CCIC’s marine corp information session, where West Point admissions officers said students will have an opportunity to “serve” their country.

“I was so excited when the West Point guy said I could serve. I thought he meant like, strutting to Azalea Banks, not engaging in combat,” Matthieu described.

Matthieu said that arriving at boot camp was a chilling experience.

“When I heard I was going to boot camp, I thought we were going to DSW and trying on thigh highs. When I arrived in the middle of no where with a bunch of generals screaming at me, that’s when I realized my mistake.”

Matthieu says that the military was nothing like he expected, but that he’s going to persevere anyway. 

He concluded, “The leader of my squadron is super hot though so I think I’m just gonna stay in the military and try to get with him.”

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