Survey finds graduated seniors will miss The Black & White above all else, especially College Board coverage

BY Gen-Zer and another Gen-Zer

Oh hey there yung thangs

On March 13, we weren’t sure if the school year was coming to an end. Being the responsible journalists that we are, The Black & White took matters into our own hands to document the class of 2020’s favorite memories and what they will miss most about 7100 Whittier Blvd. 

The morning of March 13, we talked to several seniors as they made their final trek from the baseball field to school for first period. 

“I’m really glad I didn’t get a parking pass this year. I love the fresh air each morning, and I especially enjoy the walk on rainy days,” said no senior ever. “I’m really gonna miss getting to school early for a spot and taking naps in my car only to miss first period.” 

Other seniors reflected on how they will miss the intensity of football season. With Whitman’s outstanding football record, on Friday nights the entire senior class would cheer on the Vikes to victory. 

“The adrenaline rush of Whitman football games is unmatched,” one senior said. “I’m headed to Brown University next year, and I’m looking forward to similar excitement on the field. Football is honestly a huge reason why I chose the school. Hopefully there’s a Chipotle near campus.” 

Inside the classroom, seniors will miss a different competitive atmosphere: The ferocity of heated socratic seminars and hotseats. One senior talked about his experience as an APUSH student; he claims to be “Howard Zinn’s #1 Fan.” 

“I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I feel like I was the only one to hold Herbert’s attention,” a senior named David said. “iN A SeNsE, you could say, I pioneered the inclusion of revolutionary fervor in Whitman hotseats. It’s been an honor to influence young minds over my high school career.” 

But, expectedly, what Whitman seniors will miss the most is Whitman’s high quality and extremely popular journalism. From the 1,500 word Black & White stories to the informative and captivating Shorts weather segments, the student body’s love of journalism never wavers. 

“When I walk into school and see a new copy of The Black & White magazine, I pick it up immediately. Honestly, the longer the story, the better! I read every word,” a senior said. “I check the website daily, too. I’m really into their coverage of the College Board.”

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