Sources: Pres. Trump to fire Giuliani, hire Borat as personal counsel

After exposing the latest Rudy Giuliani scandal, Borat certainly made a name for himself. Clearly, he made a big splash, because President Donald Trump will replace Giuliani with Borat himself.

Most renowned for being the fourth best journalist in the entire nation of Kazakhstan, Borat is “absolutely stoked” for this new opportunity. Though he’s not admitted to the bar in any state in the United States and has virtually zero knowledge of legal procedure, the move is widely supported.

Our resident lawyer, Dalan “the Ersh” Ershowitz, loves the hire.

“Not only will Borat make the perfect lawyer for the President, he also adds much-needed diversity to Trump’s inner circle,” the Ersh said. “We love doing stuff with Eastern Europeans and Central Asians!”

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