Local idiot who ‘puts in 110% effort’ doesn’t get job over inability to compute basic math

A local idiot applying for a job mistakenly told the hiring manager that he “puts in 110% effort into everything,” prompting the manager to shred his resumé on the spot. The halfwit went to Harvard and graduated cum laude with a degree in physics, but clearly wasted his money because he doesn’t know that percent literally means out of one hundred.

“I was just trying to describe my work ethic,” the unnamed moron said. “I wouldn’t dream of making the same mistake again.”

The hiring manager said that she believes that her decision to immediately reject the foolish applicant reflected the company’s employment policies. She has “no regrets.”

“The nameless nincompoop was definitely qualified,” the hiring manager said. “We just can’t have raging incompetence in the workplace.”

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