Adolf Hitler faces backlash over old tweets

Former World leader Adolf Hitler received some major criticism this weekend after old tweets from 1932 were resurfaced.

The tweets in question have stirred up lots of controversy, including lines about Jewish people “destroying society” and a need for “purifying” the nation. These controversial statements have left some believing that Hitler could be antisemitic, and it leaves a lot of questions regarding his position of leadership in the country of Germany.

Becky McPerformance Goodster, an online blogger for the well-respected news source ‘Xtremecelebritynews’ believes she is the first to have brought up Hitler’s “troublesome past.”

“He just doesn’t sit right with me” said Goodster, “slaughtering millions of people, becoming the dictator of the most oppressive regime in the history of the world, that’s just such a problematic thing to do.”

The German politician and former leader of the Nazi party was “unable to offer a comment” on accounts of him being “dead for 75 years.”

“I think it’s a weak excuse,” said Goodster. “He needs to come out with an official apology video right now.”

Goodster’s eye-opening discovery has sparked outrage on social media, with twitter users calling for a #Adolfisoverparty. Hitler, who’s public reputation was previously spotless, may be in some hot water.

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