Racism at Whitman: Survey finds white students no longer feel welcome in the community

A recent survey conducted by Turning Point Whitman® has reported some shocking results. According to the survey conducted on September 3, over 72 percent of white students at Whitman “have experienced severe discrimination.”

“These results are really tragic” said Turning Point Whitman’s lead chairman Shen Bapiro. “This has really made me see this school in a new light.”

Ebenezer Smith, the faculty representative of Turning point Whitman, gave his two cents. “When the United States ended racism with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I thought I would never see something like this again” said the US History teacher, “I guess I was wrong.”

Many students who took part in the survey had thoughts to share as well.

“As a white student, I have found it really difficult to fit in amongst my peers here at Whitman” said sophomore Hubert Plant Emoji. “I feel like we need to come together as a community and stand up for us white people.”

One student, who chooses to remain anonymous, courageously came forward with their story of experiencing hardship due to his white skin. He recalls being “made fun of” because he can’t “jump very high.”

“I don’t think people understand how hurtful these stereotypes can be,” he said. “Racism is not cool.”

This kind of injustice against caucasians doesn’t just happen in school. Whitman student and Bethesda Country club member Dylan White recalls a time that a country club waiter “refused to give him a second serving of dessert.”

Many students have discussed the creation of a White Student Union. This movement, spearheaded by Plant Emoji and Bapiro, is already gaining a lot of traction with administration.

Bapiro ended his comments with this: “sometimes, it feels like even the sun is out to get us.”

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